About DeLange

DeLange (1972) is a Dutch neo-romantic composer and pianist who writes primarily for solo piano. He experiences music in colors and shapes (a condition called chromesthesia, or sound-to-color synesthesia).
For me, it has always been natural to picture sounds in my mind, but now I could take advantage of it and compose music as a painter works on a painting: with shapes and colours playing the leading part.”

Born and raised in a musical family, Frank DeLange soon grew familiar with the sound of the great piano composers from the romantic and early modern era. All through his childhood his parents endlessly played recordings of the works of Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Satie and Debussy and thus introduced young Frank to the world of Romanticism. DeLange completed his classical training at the conservatory and started working as a pianist writing for and accompanying other artists. The urge to capture his emotions of a life that had always been full and intense led him to work on a repertoire of his own. He had to turn 46 before he felt his evolution as a pianist, composer and as a human being was at its crowning point and he started writing, producing and recording his first album Images.

DeLange released his debut album in September 2020. He has garnered 30 million streams worldwide so far. His first tour where he visited renowned concert venues throughout The Netherlands was completely sold out.


For his second album Contemplations ~ Opus I & II, he chose his long lost upright piano as a perfect companion to compose his new pieces on. DeLange about Contemplations ~ Opus I &II: “We all need time to ponder on our lives, but rarely take the time to contemplate. I decided to secure my own pondering time and keep a diary in the form of musical phrases that reflect the emotions of that day. Recorded at night in my living room at my upright piano. Each night a small time-space oasis to escape the immediate surroundings reflect and to on past events.” Using vintage microphones he got from his dad – also a musician, he captured the warm and characteristic sound of the piano. As a listener, you feel like you’re in the room with the composer. Up close and personal.

Latest EP 

DeLange’s latest works are on the new EP Miniatures. For this series, DeLange set up a studio in the legendary Concertgebouw, Amsterdam and recorded five pieces that are inspired on the building’s world-renowned acoustics.

Piano & horns

Most recently, DeLange embarked on a new journey. Experimenting with new sounds and refraining from adding electronics, he recorded new compositions for piano accompanied by a horn quartet. The latest release for this ensemble is called ‘Boy of the Sea’.

This new palette finds support on Dutch national radio where programs such as NPO – Keihard Klassiek and Radio 1 – Vroege Vogels are playing DeLange’s music.

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